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Structure of the Tonus Partners' Fund

Tonus Capital complies with all regulatory requirements and is registered with the financial authorities in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Furthermore, SS&C CommonWealth acts as the external administrator, and Laurentian Bank acts as the custodian of our fund.



Fund Structure (EN).PNG

A simple and reliable process


Step 1: Subscription

The investor receives the offer notice and completes the subscription document to purchase units in the Tonus Partners Fund. The investment is confirmed by the external administrator SS&C CommonWealth.

Step 2:  Follow-up

For the duration of the investment, SS&C CommonWealth (our independent administrator) calculates and authorises the value of the fund units issued to partners, and sends them a quarterly report directly, with all data concerning the value of the units and the returns generated during the quarter.

Step 3: Verification 

The Tonus Partners Fund delivers its financial reports twice a year. These reports are autorised and approved on an annual basis by the accounting firm EY. These financial reports are also sent to our partners on a bi-annual basis. The Tonus Partners Fund’s assets are held by Laurentian Bank who acts as our custodian.

A transparent cost structure 


At Tonus Capital, we promote transparency with our partners. Therefore, our management and performance fees are explained clearly for all and are always available to see right here.

Fixed fee

An annual management fee of 0.90% (category A)

Performance fee

A fee of 15% (after our management fee) on net performance over 6% (no performance fee applies if net returns are below 6%)

The performance fee applies only when the value of your investment is superior to the highest level reached in the past, i.e. we use a high-water mark. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details about this structure.

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