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Why become a Tonus Partner?


Our track record is a testament to our successful approach. To learn more about our PERFORMANCE, please visit the Tonus Partners' Fund webpage.

Different returns than indices

Our active management approach and concentrated portfolio comprised of substantial weightings offer an alternative to traditional products that simply follow the benchmark indices. This level of CONCENTRATION provides us with a solid understanding of our holdings.


We offer a simple and TRANSPARENT cost structure, which helps you avoid paying any additional fees. You invest directly with our firm instead of going through a third party.


Aligned interests 


The founder and president of investments at Tonus Capital has invested almost all of his own wealth in the Tonus Partners Fund. Therefore, he gets the same returns as our investors, or Partners. The rest of the team is also invested.




We treat all investors as partners and offer a product in which we are also vested. Our communications are frequent and we are always available to answer questions.

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